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Windows Toggle Shortcut for Hidden files and Single click to open

February 13th, 2018 Leave a comment Go to comments

I recently found very useful tool at Keyboard Ninja site. It arrows us to hide and unhide hidden files in Windows Explorer by shortcut key.  Windows Key + H toggles the setting. Its very nice that for daily work, these file must be hidden, and when I want to manipulate windows, it make easily shows these hidden files.

Then I wanted to toggle setting of single click to open. When I use windows for daily work, I like to use single click mode. And when I like to edit many files or manipulate systems, I like to use double click mode (single click to select, double click to open). I searched internet to find shortcut key utility, but I could not find one, so I made it with help.

Here one cool guy posted VBS script that toggle this setting. Then just I need to set it to Aulto Hot Key shortcut application. Now I can use Windows Key + C key to toggle single click to open and double click to open mode.

Here is files, if you like.  Dowonload and run ToggleSingleClick.exe as startup application, then you can use it with shortcut key. If there is problem, please check source file a bit to adjust to your pc folder structure. Its not difficult.

ToggleSingleClick Download link



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